'This Is Going To Be Absolutely Heart-Wrenching': The Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Updated 4:35 p.m. ET on Friday The Borderline Bar & Grill could be counted on for a good time. On some of the more popular nights at the country music dance hall, the crowd inside could be counted on to be in the hundreds. The patrons could be counted on to be wearing plaid, boots, cowboy hats, and — if they were women — short shorts. What could not be counted on was that a gunman, armed with a Glock 21 .45-caliber handgun , would begin indiscriminately firing into those throngs of happy...

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City of Jonesboro announces Winter Wonderland, ice skating rink dates

The First Community Bank Wonderland Rink opens Nov. 19 and the Winter Wonderland exhibit will follow the next Monday as the City of Jonesboro helps residents and guests celebrate the holidays.

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How The Beatles And Jimi Hendrix Set Themselves Free — And Made Music History

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiWhcmCgoGs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm8-7YeEjOA The Beatles finished recording their self-titled double album — "The White Album" — on October 17, 1968, the same week that The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their own two-record set, Electric Ladyland. This week, both albums are receiving lavish box-set treatments to commemorate their 50th anniversaries, including a remastered version of Electric Ladyland, new stereo mixes of "The White Album," 5.1...

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Washington D.C./SEMO – In this month's talk with Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, she discusses the long road her state faces in recovering from the severe storms and flooding this Spring. She also talked about proposed changes to Medicare - sure to be a campaign issue in the coming year - and her opinion of the GOP Presidential field....

Washington D.C./Jonesboro, AR – Senator Pryor discussed the aftermath of record flooding, FEMA's current response, the ghost of FEMA past, the Medicare debate and more in his monthly talk with KASU....

Jonesboro, AR – U.S. Senator John Boozman's monthly talk with KASU fell on Tax Day this month. Boozeman talked with KASU's Mark Smith about the need to reform the tax code...something that has been talked about for years, but that has not been done....

Jonesboro, AR – President Barack Obama delivered a speech on Wednesday (4/13) in which he outlined his plan for reducing the federal deficit. Many Republicans responded angrily to the speech. In her monthly visit with KASU, Representative Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri was asked for her opinion....

Jonesboro, AR – Senator John Boozman discusses Libya, Japan, health care and more in his monthly talk with KASU.

Washington, D.C./Jonesboro, AR – U.S. Senator Mark Pryor talks about Japan, nuclear concerns, Libya, support for small business and local fish hatcheries, in his monthly visit with KASU....

Jonesboro, AR – Arkansas State student Dustin Smith will be biking across the country this summer, to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing. The "Bike & Build" program donates funds and works with various organizations to help with affordable housing efforts across the country. Smith visited the KASU studio to talk about the program.

Cape Girardeau, Mo./Washington D.C. – U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) reacted to the President's State of the Union address in her monthly interview with KASU Wednesday morning. Emerson watched the address from her home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She recently broke her arm in a fall on the ice. She spoke with KASU's Mark Smith by phone.

Jonesboro, AR/Washington D.C. – U.S. Senator Mark Pryor discussed some of the issues raised in the wake of the Arizona shooting and other issues facing the new Congress in a new year, in his monthly talk with KASU.

Jonesboro, AR/Washington D.C. – U.S. Senator John Boozman talked with KASU's Mark Smith on Tuesday, when he was still Senator-ELECT Boozman. He was sworn into office Wednesday. The Senator talked about his transition from the U.S. House, and his goals and priorities in the new Congress.


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NPR/KASU Mid-Term Elections 2018 - Arkansas

Live election results for your state: Get the latest on Arkansas's ballot measures and races for governor, Senate and House.

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