Craighead County Quorum Court passes nepotism policy

Aug 14, 2017

Craighead County Courthouse.

It was not a unanimous decision, but the Craighead County Quorum Court passed an ordinance that serves as a nepotism policy.  

The ordinance says that relatives of those who work for Craighead County may not work for a relative that is “in the immediate line of supervision.”  Relatives can work for the county, as long as it is in another position, or in another department. The ordinance would also require that county workers disclose any business the county does with a family member of a county worker…and it deals with potential conflicts of interest. 

The justices for the ordinance say such a policy is needed when dealing with taxpayer money.  Those against the policy say they don’t see anything wrong with supervisors in the county hiring who they want, especially if more qualified employees might be family members. 

Eight Justices of the Peace voted for the ordinance, while three voted against.  It takes effect immediately.