Frito-Lay Announces $45.7 million expansion in Jonesboro

Apr 14, 2015

(Courtesy of Michael Wilkey, Talk Business & Politics.)

A company laid its proverbial chips on the table Monday night by announcing a nearly $50 million expansion at its location in Jonesboro.

Frito-Lay officials announced Monday night that they would expand an existing Jonesboro manufacturing facility with a $45.7 million addition.

Company officials with Frito-Lay spoke to Craighead County justices about the major announcement.

The expansion will provide about 30 new jobs and expand its facility on Arkansas Highway 18 by nearly 80,000 square feet.

Currently, Frito-Lay’s Jonesboro plant employs 453 workers. The factory makes Dorito’s, Lay’s, Ruffles and other brands of chips.

Cynthia Baker, spokesperson for Frito-Lay North America, tells Talk Business & Politics that the expansion will include investments in “high technology distribution equipment” and that it should be online by 2018.

“The facility has been operating for 17 years and has more than 450 full-time employees. The new equipment increases the stability of the site and enhances the site’s operations with faster delivery of products to our customers,” Baker said.

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