Jonesboro MAPC to Propose Citizen Committee to Decide Sidewalk Policies

Dec 15, 2016

A policy for constructing and improving sidewalks in Jonesboro may be in the hands of a new citizen's committee.

The Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission voted Tuesday to propose the committee to Mayor Harold Perrin and the City Council.  It will be comprised of residents and developers.

The Jonesboro Sun reports the Commission made the decision as an attempt to require and fund sidewalk construction in all residential and commercial developments.  A current ordinance requires developers to construct sidewalks for all commercial and multifamily developments containing 5 or more units.  The current ordinance also allows the MAPC to waive the requirement.

City Planning Director Derrel Smith drafted a proposed change to the ordinance in October to allow developers to pay a fee instead of constructing a sidewalk to prevent waiver requests.

Bicycle advocate Bill Smith voiced opposition to the citizen committee saying it could possibly hinder the progress of sidewalk construction.