NWS: Black River to overtop levee

May 2, 2017

The National Weather Service says the Black River is expected to flow over a levee in Pocahontas today, forcing many in the east side of town to evacuate.  Officials say the flooding is imminent and they are expecting businesses, homes and structures to flood.  

When the river crests Friday, it is expected to be about 29.5 feet, which is well above flood stage.  It is also expected to be over a foot higher than the historic 2011 Black River flooding, which caused millions of dollars in damage and killed 14 people across the state.  

Numerous roads are closed near Pocahontas, and more roads are expected to be shut down.  View road closures here.   Governor Hutchinson visited the area today to survey flood damage and storm damage.  Follow KASU at 91.9 FM as we continue to cover this story as well as kasu.org.