A-State Aides Immigration Community on Campus, System to Follow Anti-Sancuary Campus Bill

Jan 30, 2017

Credit Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University is working with some members of the Jonesboro campus who are impacted by President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Interim Chancellor Doug Withlock released the following statement to faculty and staff:

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Arkansas State University currently has three students enrolled and two faculty members from nations impacted by Executive Order 13769. University officials are reaching out to these individuals to offer any appropriate assistance and to ensure that they are fully aware of the potential risks posed to them by these international travel restrictions. The university values the significant contributions of all members of our international community and is committed to their well-being.

Doug Whitlock
Arkansas State University 

Meanwhile, state Representative Brandt Smith of Jonesboro is proposing a bill to prevent Arkansas colleges and universities from becoming sanctuary campuses.

ASU System Present Dr. Charles Welch released the following statement to KASU in regards to the legislation:

"The primary nature of the legislation is to require colleges and universities to abide by, and cooperate with, all federal laws. Arkansas State University will abide by all state and federal laws and appropriately respond to federal officials if necessary as legally required. We care for each of our students and will provide the best learning environment and educational experience possible for those students consistent with the law.”