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Watching the Skies for Deep Impact

Robert Siegel talks with Kelly Beatty, editor for Night Sky magazine and executive editor of Sky and Telescope magazine. Beatty talks about how amateurs can see NASA's Deep Impact projectile run into Comet Tempel 1 at 23,000 mph.

The comet -- and the collision -- should be visible in the United States, west of the Mississippi River Sunday night. East of the Mississippi, the aftermath should be visible on July 4 at 11pm.

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Robert Siegel
Prior to his retirement, Robert Siegel was the senior host of NPR's award-winning evening newsmagazine All Things Considered. With 40 years of experience working in radio news, Siegel hosted the country's most-listened-to, afternoon-drive-time news radio program and reported on stories and happenings all over the globe, and reported from a variety of locations across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. He signed off in his final broadcast of All Things Considered on January 5, 2018.