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Recalling the Leap Into Motherhood

For Patti Brennan, the decision to have her son, Conor Murphy, came in a flash. And there has been no room for regrets. But it meant a lifestyle change -- and a decision about who would look after Conor.

Asked by Murphy what she would do differently, Brennan looks back on the years she has spent with children -- and her successful career -- and says her only regret is that she didn't have her son sooner.

The two spoke over the summer -- before Murphy, 12, began the 7th grade. He interviewed his mother, 53-year-old Brennan, in Madison, Wis., where the MobileBooth West trailer had stopped on its tour.

Excerpts from the StoryCorps oral history project can be heard every Friday on 'Morning Edition'. This week, the mobile booths are in St. Louis and Seattle.

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