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The Busy Career of Actor Christian Bale

Actor Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne -- and of course his alter ego Batman -- in the film Batman Begins, now out on DVD. Bale's other films include American Psycho, Laurel Canyon, Capt. Corelli's Mandolin, and The Machinist. Bale is also the voice of Howl in the new Japanese animated film Howl's Moving Castle. Originally aired on June 13, 2005.

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Combine an intelligent interviewer with a roster of guests that, according to the Chicago Tribune, would be prized by any talk-show host, and you're bound to get an interesting conversation. Fresh Air interviews, though, are in a category by themselves, distinguished by the unique approach of host and executive producer Terry Gross. "A remarkable blend of empathy and warmth, genuine curiosity and sharp intelligence," says the San Francisco Chronicle.