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The 100-Year-Old on Wall Street

100-year-old Irving Kahn is still working on Wall Street.
Jim Zarroli, NPR
100-year-old Irving Kahn is still working on Wall Street.

On the day he turned 100 years old, Irving Kahn went to work as usual. To mark the occasion, which fell on Dec. 18, 2005, his workplace--the New York Stock Exchange--invited him to ring the opening bell.

Kahn has been working on Wall Street since 1928. Early in his career, Kahn worked as an assistant to the legendary writer and teacher Ben Graham who influenced a whole generation of investors, including Warren Buffett.

Today, Kahn is chairman of Kahn Brothers, an investment management firm he started with his two sons. As long as the weather is nice, he still walks to work and is known for sometimes working six days a week.

Longevity runs in the Kahn family -- an older sister is 104 and another sister passed away last year at 100.

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