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Gingrich, Huntsman Hold Debate In N.H.


One last note from the campaign trail. Two of Mitt Romney's opponents engaged today in a long conversation, a so-called Lincoln-Douglas style debate at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, discussed in a gentlemanly manner topics of foreign policy and national security. And Gingrich began with a short critique.

NEWT GINGRICH: I believe that one of the great weaknesses of the campaign up to now - the debates up to now has been the absence of a serious discussion about the nature of the world, the nature of the world market, the nature of those challenges we face, and the nature of America's role in that world.

BLOCK: After 45 minutes of serious discussion on those matters, both candidates made jokes about the length of the debate. Here's Jon Huntsman.

JON HUNTSMAN: Well, I can see my daughter nodding off over there, which means it's already gone on too long anyway.


BLOCK: Huntsman added: She's also my senior foreign policy adviser. Gingrich chimed in: In her defense, she was nodding off while I spoke.

And then the debaters continued on to other national security topics, in a forum they were clearly enjoying.

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