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2020 Election Races to Watch for November 3, 2020


KASU News is watching these local and regional races for the 2020 Election set for November 3rd. These include Craighead and Greene Counties.

Ballot Measures

Arkansas Issue 1, Transportation Sales Tax Continuation Amendment. This amendment would continue with a 0.5% sales tax, with revenue dedicated to state and local highways, roads, and bridges. If it fails, it would allow the tax to expire once bond debt authorized in 2012 is repaid in 2023. If it passes, this sales tax would continue past 2023.

Arkansas Issue 2, Change State Legislative Term Limits Amendment. If it passes, it would impose term limits of 12 consecutive years for state legislators with the opportunity to return after a four year break. If it fails, it would keep the state’s current 16-year lifetime term limit for state legislators.

Arkansas Issue 3, Initiative Process and Legislative Referral Requirements Amendment. This amendment would do the following:

· require that a petition must contain valid signatures equaling at least half of the required percentage of signatures from each of 45 counties instead of the current requirement of 15 counties;

· require a three-fifths vote of both chambers of the legislature to refer a proposed constitutional amendment to voters;

· eliminate the option for petitioners to collect extra signatures for 30 days if the petition fails to meet the signature requirement but the petition has at least 75% of the valid signatures needed;

· require challenges to the sufficiency of any ballot measure to be filed no later than April 15 of the election year; and

· require signatures for citizen initiative petitions to be submitted to the secretary of state by January 15 of the election year rather than the current deadline of four months before the election. (sorry for such a long explanation, there is a lot of stuff here).

U.S. President & Congress

(*denotes incumbent)
U.S. President

  • Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker – Green
  • Kanye West/Michelle Tidball – Independent
  • Brian Carroll/Amar Patel – American Solidarity
  • Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen – Libertarian
  • Phil Collins/Billy Joe Parker – Independent
  • Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente/Darcy G. Richardson – Independent
  • John Richard Myers/Tiara Suzanne Lusk – Life and Liberty
  • Joseph R. Biden/Kamala Harris – Democratic
  • Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard – Independent
  • Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence – Republican*
  • C.L. Gammon/Phil Collins – Independent
  • Don Blankenship/William Mohr – Constitution
  • Gloria La Riva/Sunil Freeman – Socialism and Liberation

U.S. Senate

  • Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. – Libertarian
  • Senator Tom Cotton*

U.S. Congress District 1

  • Congressman Rick Crawford*
State Offices


State Senate District 21

  • Representative Dan Sullivan – Republican

State Senate District 22

  • Senator Dave Wallace

State Representative District 52

  • Representative Dwight Tosh

State Representative District 53

  • Mayor Jon Milligan – Republican
  • Shawn Only - Democratic

State Representative District 58

  • Representative Brandt Smith – Republican
  • Jim Burton – Democratic

State Representative District 59

  • Representative Jack Ladyman - Republican
  • Reginald (Ray) Prunty - Democratic


State Representative District 56

  • State Representative Joe Jett-Republican

State Representative District 57

  • State Representative Jimmy Gazaway-Republican

State Representative District 60

  • State Representative Fran Cavenaugh-Republican

Craighead Co.

Justice of the Peace District 3

Phil Hendrix – Republican
Carolyn S. Lewis – Democratic

Justice of the Peace District 5

Don Mullenix – Republican
J.P. Barbara Weinstock – Democratic

Justice of the Peace District 8

David Tennison – Republican
Patti G. Lack – Independent

City of Jonesboro, Mayor

Andy Shatley
Harold Copenhaver
Thomas Elwood

City of Jonesboro, City Clerk

Linda Allison
April Leggett
Stan Mitchell

City of Jonesboro, Alderman Ward 1 Position 2

Emma Agnew
Brian Emison
Teresa Beck
Brandon Hogan

City of Jonesboro, Alderman Ward 3 Position 2

Linda R. Denny
Chris Gibson, Councilman

City of Jonesboro, Alderman Ward 5 Position 2

Councilman Joe Hafner
Phillip Glover

City of Jonesboro, Alderman Ward 6 Position 2

Councilman David McClain
Larry Hagar

City of Lake City, Alderman Ward 3 Position 1

Kate Wells
Harold Sonny Barker

Brookland School District School Board – At Large

Jeremy Parnell
Kayce (like Casey) Todd

Greene Co.

Justice of the Peace, District 5

Barry Wayne Wilkins-Democrat
Michele Boling-Republican

Justice of the Peace, District 11

Jerry Shipman-Democrat
Justice of the Peace Ronnie W. Wood-Republican

Constable, Bula Township

Dan Langston-Democrat
Kevin E. Gilmore-Republican

Constable, Dalton Township

James Shipman-Democrat
David Howell-Republican

City of Paragould Mayor

Jesse Fry-Independent
Josh Agee-Independent
Farrell Gibson-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 1, Position 2

Susan Kueter Williams-Independent
Shaelynn Nunn-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 2, Position 1

Councilman Jeremy A. Biggs-Independent
Ronnie C. Spence-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 2, Position 2

Aaron Camp-Independent
Cory Wilkins-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 3, Position 2

Lindsey Boggs-Independent
Jackie Branch-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 4, Position 1

John Williams-Independent
Neal Adams-Independent

Paragould Alderman, Ward 4, Position 2

Bryce Anderson-Independent
Brad Baine-Independent

Oak Grove Heights Alderman, Ward 1, Position 2

John Stone-Independent
Marilyn Fuller-Independent