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Calendar Submission Tips and Guidelines

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KASU Community Calendar Submission Guidelines

KASU-FM 91.9 welcomes announcements from community groups, arts organizations, charitable organizations, schools, and other non-profit groups. Events included on Community Calendar must be:

  • Either free of charge or open to the public, Or all proceeds benefitting a charitable organization or cause
  • Or broad community interest
  • Non-evangelical and non-sectarian (Events occurring at a church or worship facility may be included if they meet the above criteria.)

KASU cannot guarantee a specific number of on-air announcements for any particular event on Community Calendar. Non-charitable events with an admission charge or a cost for participation are invited to consider KASU Underwriting.

Your event can be guaranteed a specific number of announcements, at a reduced rate from our standard underwriting fees. For more information, contact LaDawn Lee Fuhr at 870-972-2709 or lfuhr@astate.edu.

All announcements of upcoming events must be submitted in writing to KASU at least two weeks prior to the event for full consideration for broadcast. All material sent to KASU is subject to the discretion of the station and its management as to whether it is appropriate for broadcast on KASU.

All material sent must include:

  • The sponsor of the event
  • The nature of the event itself
  • Location, date, and time of the event
  • Contact information for more details

Press releases or other material may be submitted for consideration via mail, email, or fax. All material should be sent to the attention of:

Community Calendar
P.O. Box 1930
State University, AR 72467
Email: calendar@kasu.org
Fax: 870-972-2997

Community Calendar Submission Tips

  • Please make sure to let us know in plenty of time about your event so that we can have it online and in rotation on air.  Remember, two weeks prior!
  • If mailing or emailing a press release is too much trouble, please self-serve with the community calendar form.  It's been up-dated for easier & quicker entry.  Click on "Submit an event" and complete the form.  If you need help, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.
  • The description paragraph can be styled with HTML tags. If you want to add a single space after a paragraph, use <br>.  If you want to double space, use <br><br>.  To make it Bold ,use <strong>"text"</strong>.   Other tags you can use can be seen below the Description field.  If you don't know how to do it, just insert your text and KASU will reformat it for you when we go to approve your announcement.
  • You may use an image (it's highly encouraged)!  You can even upload a flyer for your event.  If you do, make sure that the text in the flyer is large enough to be seen.  Also, don't just upload a flyer to your event.  Make sure to add text in your description to prevent a delay in having your announcement in the calendar.
  • Tell others that your announcement can be seen on KASU.org and heard on the air!  Don't let it just sit here.  We'll do our part to help you, but continue to promote, promote, promote!! :)  Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the KASU Community Calendar. Please check for an answer to your question below before contacting the station. If you are still unable to find an answer, then feel free to contact us.

What’s the difference between the KASU Community Calendar (kasu.org/calendar) and the A-State Calendar (calendar.astate.edu)?

  • While both calendars are publicly accessible and anyone in the public can submit events to each calendar, they do have different audiences. The A-State Calendar normally lists activities that are happening on A-State or involve A-State. Also, some activities may only be open to people on campus. KASU’s Community Calendar encourages the public to add events that occur on-and-off A-State's campus. As the name implies, the KASU Community Calendar is for everyone in the community.

I’ve hit the “Submit Event” button and nothing happened. Did I do something wrong?

  • No, not at all! Once you hit “Submit Event”, the event has been submitted to the staff at KASU for review. If your event hasn’t been submitted, you’ll see a clear warning asking you to fill out a required field on the form. You will not be notified (email, text, phone call, etc.) when you submit your announcement unless we need clarification on some details. Since we are a small staff, please give us 24-48 hours before checking the calendar for your announcement. If you still don’t see it AND you believe it passes our submission guidelines, then feel free to reach out to us.

My organization is throwing the event, but I can’t change the location details on the VENUE INFORMATION. Why?

  • The contact information in the Venue Information section is FOR THE VENUE, not your organization. The contact details in the venue information are for the public if they are having trouble finding THE VENUE. It allows them to contact the venue (regardless of whether or not they know any details about your event) so they can find your event. Contact information for the organization or person throwing the event belongs in the PRESENTING ORGANIZATION section.

If I add my event to your community calendar, will it be announced on the air or receive news coverage?

  • We will try to make an effort to help you promote an event you added to our community calendar, but don’t automatically assume that we will announce it on air or that it will get press coverage. Those decisions are up to our news editorial staff. You could try to also send us a press release to our news team or fill out our news tip form for consideration. Also, please make sure that you submit your event in plenty of time for consideration (at least 2 weeks before the event). If your organization has the budget for it, a sure-fire way to get the word out would be to consider underwriting with us.

Submit an event by clicking here.  Visit our Community Calendar here.