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Beneath the Crust of 'Humble Pie'

When she was growing up, writer Anne Dimock was rarely far from a pie. There were four apple trees in the backyard and her grandmother baked 100 pies every year. But sadly, Dimock says, pies are just a childhood memory for most people, disappearing from our daily lives.

"I think pie's got a very deep and profound meaning in a lot of people's lives," she says. The memory of pie "really evokes a powerful connection for them. I think it speaks to our longing for family, for some closeness and togetherness and perhaps innocence."

Dimock's new book is called Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust. Among its recipes is one for Thanksgiving pie. But the formula doesn't include the traditional ingredients of pumpkins or sweet potatoes. Instead, she uses apples and cranberries (it is Thanksgiving, after all), topped with walnuts.

Here's the recipe from Humble Pie, followed by an excerpt about what pies reveal about men.

Thanksgiving Pie

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