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Controversial Property Maintenance Code Could Be Amended

The Jonesboro City Council could consider an amended version of a controversial property maintenance code when it meets tomorrow night. The Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code Committee spent almost 30 hours reviewing sample codes and developing a code for Jonesboro that would deal with making sure residential properties in Jonesboro are properly maintained.  Supporters of the proposed code say it would help the city deal with dilapidated buildings and abandoned properties, as well as set a standard code that all properties should follow.  Some of those who are against the code say the code’s exterior requirements are not the issue.  The issue involves concerns regarding a right of entry into a home by code officers, as well as interior requirements of the code.  They are concerned that people who may not be able to fix the interior of their homes to keep compliant with the code--because they couldn't afford it--could be punished severely, including fines and possible jail time.   Alderman Chris Moore tells the Sun Newspaper that he wants to amend the code to help alleviate any fears about possible rights of entry and interior inspections of residential and commercial property.    The proposal will be placed on a first reading tomorrow night and will go through two more readings at the next two city council meetings before a final decision is reached.