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Red Wolves leave for New Orleans





Dozens of fans gathered this morning at Centennial Bank Stadium to cheer the Red Wolves football team.  The Sun Belt Champions loaded four buses that left Jonesboro to head toward New Orleans for Saturday night’s bowl game. It is the first time in four years that the Red Wolves have participated in a bowl game outside of Mobile, Alabama.  The Red Wolves had participated in the Go Daddy Bowl for the past three years, winning two out of those three times.  Several fans spoke to KASU radio about the bowl game.  Colton Byce is with the Hounds of Howl and comments on going to New Orleans.

“As much as Mobile has been a second city to the Red Wolves, it is nice to play in a different location.  We are excited to hit up New Orleans, which is the home of Sun Belt Conference Commissioner Karl Benson.”

Christian Tyson echoed the sentiment.

“I am glad to see them in a different bowl environment.  There was nothing wrong with Mobile, but change is always exciting.  I am proud of the opportunities the Red Wolves are getting.”

The Red Wolves play Saturday night against Louisiana Tech.  That is a matchup that Mike Johansson is excited about.

“I can’t wait to see this rivalry game renewed. It should be a fantastic game and good brawl.”

Belinda Ferguson says she has not been to New Orleans in several years and says she is excited to go down to New Orleans to cheer on the Red Wolves.

“We are leaving Thursday and I can’t wait to go to New Orleans and watch the Red Wolves win.”

Arkansas State is undefeated in the Sun Belt Conference and is this year’s Sun Belt Conference Champions.  They are 9-3.  Louisiana Tech is 8-4 overall and is ranked second in the Conference USA.  Saturday night’s game starts at 8 p.m.