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Erin McKeown Spreads Her Wings on 'Birds'

Erin McKeown's new album We Will Become Like Birds is a fantastic work of simple, yet elegant, songs -- and it's quickly becoming her best-received effort so far. The release has garnered praise as much for its clever lyrics as its musicianship.

Like Birds opens with McKeown singing in Latin, on "Aspera." It also features two notable collaborations: "The Golden Dream," with Argentina's Juana Molina; and "Delicate December," performed with Boston singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey.

As it moves toward a fuller, more developed sound, McKeown's new work can be said to continue in the direction of 2003's Grand, which World Café's Bruce Warren called "a rich, engaging, artistic statement from an artist who raises the singer-songwriter bar quite high."

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