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Marvin Day Starts Transition To Craighead County Judge

Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

The Craighead County Judge-Elect has a lot to learn.  Marvin Day has slowly started learning what his new job will be when he takes over January first.  During a transition period, current County Judge Ed Hill has started allowing Day to sit in on meetings and is starting to teach him what he needs to know.  Day tells KASU News tells what he has been doing so far and also tells about a new job he will start July first.

"I have been pulled into several meetings and several opportunities to learn about the new role,"  said Day.  "Starting July 1, I will be the new Assistant to the County Judge and will do various projects for Ed Hill to learn the job more."

After he was elected, Day said his top priorities will be looking at the county’s budget, something that he will have some experience in since he will be the assistant to Ed Hill.  He will help with the budget process as the finance committee on the Craighead County Quorum Court want to start looking at initial budget items as early as September; though it may be hard to get accurate numbers that early before the new year. 

Day also stated that he wanted to find a place to put the new crisis stabilization unit and look at getting new radio systems for rural police and fire departments.  Day took notes last night as the Quorum Court talked about the possibility of hiring a human resources director next year.  Day will poll department heads and others about support for such a proposal.  Day says there are a lot of challenges coming, but he is excited about the job.

"It is all about serving the community and I am ready to do that," said Day.  

He says he has not had a chance to meet with individual department heads yet, but knows that is in the near future.

Marvin Day.  Last night, the Quorum Court welcomed Angie Dickson to the court to replace Ken Stacks on Position 1.  Dickson will fill the remainder of the term through the end of this year.  

Credit Johnathan Reaves, KASU News
Angie Dickson has been appointed to the Craighead County Quorum Court in Position 1.