2018 Arkansas Mid-Term Early Voting Totals and Sample Arkansas Ballot

Aug 2, 2018

The following filings were posted by Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday on his office’s Facebook page.  These listings will be updated frequently so please check back.

New filings are in bold. At the end of the list will be a list of filings that have been received but have not yet been checked to confirm the validity of signatures gathered.   

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Overall Early Voting Totals (credit: Craighead County Clerk's Office):  8,307 (14.77%) as of 10/30/18

Bay (Early Voting Total:  218)

  • Darrel Kirby - Mayor
  • Roger Rose- Mayor
  • David Milam- Alderman W1/P1
  • Donnie Davis- Alderman W1/P2 
  • Larry J Hall- Alderman W2/P1
  • Philip Vanwinkle- Alderman W2/P2
  • Jerry Hunt-Alderman W3/P1
  • Curtis Hogan- Alderman W3/P1
  • Donald R Gray- Alderman W3/P2
  • Laura Robertson- Alderman W3/P2

Black Oak

  • Henry E Dunigan - Mayor
  • Tina Davis- Treasurer/Recorder
  • Timothy Jones- Alderman P1
  • James Randall Hutchison- Alderman P2
  • Troy Douglas- Alderman P3
  • Brett Hickman – Alderman P4
  • Kenneth E Vaughn- Alderman P5

Bono (Early Voting Total:  335)

  • Danny Shaw – Mayor
  • LM Duncan- Mayor
  • Spencer Vaughn- City Clerk
  • Rick Walters- Alderman W1/P2
  • James Nortier- Alderman W2/P1
  • Shirley Dodson- Alderman W2/P2
  • Cogan Ford- Alderman W3/P1
  • Landon Thomas- Alderman W3/P2

Brookland (Early Voting Total:  358)

  • Kenneth D Jones- Mayor
  • Billy W Dacus- City Clerk/Treasurer
  • Mike Bishop- Alderman W1/P1
  • Wilson Shipman- Alderman W2/P1
  • Benjamin D Miles- Alderman W2/P1
  • Floss J Gandy- Alderman W2/P2
  • William Thompson- Alderman W2/P2
  • Lacey Elder- Alderman W2/P2
  • Martin Crain- Alderman W3/P1
  • William D Gambill- Alderman W3/P2


  • Barry Riley – Mayor
  • Bo James – Mayor
  • Billy E Wells- Mayor
  • Mitchell Tipton- Alderman W1/P1
  • Diana L Powell- Alderman W1/P2
  • Jerry Martin- Alderman W2/P1
  • Roger Williams- Alderman W2/P2
  • Donald Zell- Alderman W3/P1
  • Marvin Browning-Alderman W3/P1
  • Jordan Adcock- Alderman W3/P2


  • Michael Cureton- Mayor 
  • Terri Cureton- Recorder 
  • Bradley Ledgerwood- Alderman P1
  • Barbara Dunivan- Alderman P2
  • Larry “Glenn” Hamrick- Alderman P3
  • Sharon Lewis- Alderman P4


  • Jerry C Cook- Mayor
  • Velva Joy Lingo- Recorder/Treasurer
  • Linda Ruth Colburn- Alderman P1
  • Gary T Barr- Alderman P2
  • Lola Colburn- Alderman P3
  • Kerry Smith- Alderman P4
  • Della Annette Hufstedler- Alderman P5

Jonesboro (Early Voting Total:  6,880)

  • Carol M Duncan – City Attorney
  • Charles Frierson – Alderman W1/P1 – Jonesboro
  • Dr. Charles Coleman – Alderman W2/P1
  • Tom Elwood- Alderman W2/P1
  • Ann Williams- Alderman W3P1
  • John W. Street – Alderman W4/P1
  • Amanda Dunavant- Alderman W4/P1
  • Larry J Bryant – Alderman W5/P1 – Jonesboro
  • Robert Speer- Alderman W5/P1
  • Bobby E. Long – Alderman W6/P1
  • Tommy Baker- Alderman W6/P1

Lake City (Early Voting Total:  516)

  • Jon Milligan – Mayor
  • Lisa Maynard Sitz- City Clerk/Treasurer
  • Gail Carner- City Clerk/Treasurer
  • Garrett George- Alderman W1/P1
  • Brenda Hutcheson- Alderman W1/P2
  • Tommy Eakins- Alderman W2/P1
  • Jeff Wisham – Alderman W2/P2
  • Michael R Carner- Alderman W2/P2
  • Michael George- Alderman W2/P2
  • Harold Barker- Alderman W3/P1
  • Danny Dunnigan – Alderman W3/P2


  • Bob Blankenship- Mayor
  • Tom Carroll- Alderman W1/P1
  • Kristian Nuckles- Alderman W1/P2
  • Aaron Uthoff- Alderman W2/P1
  • Brandon Decker- Alderman W2/P2
  • Mark Rolland- Alderman W3/P2

Nettleton School Board (Aug 1-Aug 8 filing period)

  • Donald Hauge- Zone 4

General Election Dates to Remember (Credit:  Craighead County Clerk Website)

Sample Arkansas Ballot (Actual ballot may vary based on location.  Visit VoterView for an accurate sample ballot for your particular precinct) **NOTE:  Issues 1 & 3 will NOT be counted.  Issue 4 will be counted.**

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