Arkansas Senate approves Halloween ban for sex offenders

Jan 25, 2019

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Arkansas Senate has approved a bill banning sex offenders from participating in Halloween activities with children, including wearing costumes or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

The Senate approved by a 29-1 vote Thursday legislation prohibiting Level 3 and 4 sex offenders, including sexually violent predators and repeat offenders, from distributing candy or other items to minors as part of a Halloween-related event. The bill also prohibits sex offenders from wearing a costume or mask at a Halloween-related event with minors.

The bill would not prevent offenders from giving a child candy if they're with the child's parent or guardian, or from wearing a costume if they're a parent or guardian of all the children present.

The measure now heads to the House.