CRDC and HUB in Jonesboro Join Forces to Combat Homelessness in Craighead County

May 14, 2020

Jonesboro, AR—May 14, 2020—Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Inc., and HUB: Homeless Resource Center, Inc. are pleased to announce the two entities are now joint partners in the fight against homelessness in Craighead County. Both agencies have recognized that collaboration ensures individuals receive bundled services which will lead them out of homelessness and into a life of stability.

While working together, the two entities will ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness are able to receive all services available to them while also decreasing the amount of intake and travel on their part. Casey Kidd, the Director of Human Services of CRDC, stated, “We recognize that so many individuals are in need of services, but that it’s not always easy for them to receive those due to hardships that they are facing. Those experiencing homelessness are an extremely vulnerable population and the more ease that we can provide to them the more likely they are to get closer to that stability. By joining forces and combining programs, both agencies can work together to achieve this.” CRDC recognizes the impactful work that HUB has done in Jonesboro and Craighead County over the past few years and appreciates their outreach to those experiencing homelessness. HUB and CRDC work together often in this arena and realize that we are stronger together in bringing the hope of self-sufficiency and sustainability to those facing desperate needs. Both organizations agree that HUB will maintain not only its identity as the homelessresource center but also the location where it is currently housed. HUB was recently informedthat it did not receive the federal SAMHSA (GBHI) grant in which the agency had applied forearlier in 2020 but will work with CRDC and continue to pursue additional funding opportunitiesto further sustain services that are provided. With this partnership, CRDC will provide supportfor the director position and the agency while all local donations received within HUB will godirectly toward direct client services. HUB will continue to provide currently needed servicesthat make a profound impact on the homeless population. Gwendolyn Zugarek, Director of HUB, has announced that she will be resigning from herposition due to family reasons. “HUB and CRDC are amazing organizations that offercomplimentary services which have helped so many in our area. Partnering with CRDC makesthe process of assisting individuals in our area more efficient and offers stability in HUB’sdirector position. I am sad to be stepping back from the job and volunteer team I love, but thispartnership will allow a new director to start with a fantastic support system in place,” statedZugarek. Zugarek has served as a tremendous community asset and client advocate during hertenure with the HUB and will be missed. Currently, HUB is seeking resumés for the position ofHUB Director. Any interested individuals can apply at orcan request an application through email at