Dentists, Orthodontists Provide PPE to St. Bernards Foundation

Mar 24, 2020

St. Bernard’s Foundation is receiving personal protective equipment from area dentists and orthodontists to help in the fight against COVID-19.  President of the St. Bernards Foundation Kila Owens.

"The dental community in northeast Arkansas gathered together and donated gloves, masks, hand sanitizer...all of this is helpful for us as we prepare for more patients coming to St. Bernards in the COVID-19 outbreak."

Owens says they have also been getting masks and other equipment from members of the community.  Owens says one popular thing is homemade masks that can be used by the medical team.  Donations are handed out as needed through the hospital. 

"We have deployed incident command," says Owens. "Each day, teams are meeting with the medical director to see which areas of the hospital needs these supplies.  It might be the ER, the heart care center, or surgery.  The part of the hospital that needs the equipment is where it is going."