Ep 62 Create@State Podcast Features Transportation Research Part 1

Nov 21, 2019

Credit Arkansas State University

This is A-State Connections on KASU.  I’m Johnathan Reaves. This is the weekly segment called “A-State Connections and Create@State: Making Connections That Count”.  Research is taking place to make concrete and asphalt stronger, which will make transportation safer in the state.  Three research papers about these projects are being submitted for presentation at a national transportation conference in Washington D.C. in January.  This is the first of a two part interview of this research.  I talked with Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Dr. Zahid Hossain, Director of Civil Engineering at A-State Jason Stewart, Arkansas Promotional Director of the American Concrete Pavement Association Alan Meadors, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, graduate research assistant Tariq Morshed and undergraduate research assistant Paige Leissner.  Dr. Hossain tells what is going on.  Click on the Listen buttpm for the entire interview.  

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