Ep 87 Create@State Podcast Features Joseph Austin, Randi Wright, Ashlyn Blankenship, Emily Allen

May 14, 2020

Credit Arkansas State University

This is A-State Connections on KASU.  I’m Johnathan Reaves.  This is the weekly segment called “A-State Connections and Create@State: Making Connections that Count”.  In today’s episode, we continue playing back numerous student presentations from the Create@State virtual symposium.  Today’s presentations are from the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Arkansas State University.  We will feature students Joseph Austin, Randi Wright, Ashlyn Blackenship, and Emily Allen.    

Today, we heard from students in the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Arkansas State University.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the Create@State podcast at Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.  Also, subscribe to the new KASU app, which makes it easy to find the Create@State podcast.  Please tell others about the Create@State Podcast, also leave us a 5-star review. This is A-State Connections on KASU.  (music)