Jonesboro city council approves residential zoning laws

Feb 21, 2018

Credit Brandon Tabor, KASU News

The City of Jonesboro has new zoning laws for future development of residential property. 

The Jonesboro City Council approved three ordinances Tuesday that would provide new design guidelines for multifamily housing, as well as single-family homes.  The new requirements give developers new rules for building future homes, including a law that says duplexes or triplexes that take the place of single homes should be designed like other homes in the neighborhood. 

The ordinances would not allow for cluster housing on small lots.  Sizes of lots are also determined, as the minimum lot size is 25 feet and the maximum lot size is 59 feet.  These requirements are similar to other requirements in other cities in Arkansas. 

In other news, the council also purchased a 40-acre piece of property to expand Craighead Forest Park for $455,000.  Alderman Bobby Long voted against the purchase, saying the city has more pressing needs than expanding the park. 

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says the deal was “too good for the city to pass up.”