Little Rock record label releases 1963 garage band recording

Feb 22, 2017

The Little Rock-based Psych of the South record label recently released "Baby Doll," a CD featuring music by a 1960s band called the Playboys, which was a group of teenagers from Pine Bluff.  The group performed regularly in the region around Pine Bluff in the early 1960s.  Under the name The Magnificent Seven, the group released a 45 rpm single in 1962 on the Vee-Eight record label.  An unreleased, live recording of the band from 1963 was discovered, and the new CD features that recording and both sides of the 45 rpm record. 

CD cover for a new release by the Psych of the South record label.

KASU's Marty Scarbrough spoke with Harold Ott, owner of the Psych of the South record label.  They discussed the mission of the record label and the music of The Playboys.