Marvin Day Is Craighead County Judge-Elect

May 22, 2018

Marvin Day, Craighead County Judge-elect
Credit Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

The new county judge for Craighead County will be Marvin Day. He will start his duties January first. I asked him on his reaction to winning the position.

“I am really excited and I am thankful for the many people who supported me and believed in my vision of a business-like approach to running the county,” says Day.

When he takes over January first, Day says he will tackle the county’s budget, will look at where to put a crisis stabilization unit, and will look at updating the county’s radio systems for police and fire departments.  Day tells what he will do when he starts looking over the budget:

“If you are asking me about line items in the budget, it is hard for me to say because I have read the budget, but I have not really examined it in that detail,” says Day.  “I hope to have a say in the 2019 budget, but that will fall under the current administration to get that budget ready.”

Marvin Day, Craighead County Judge-elect. You can view the unofficial totals on KASU.org.   The results will be certified June first.