Red Wolves for Red Wolves Executive Director Talks About Student Organization

Nov 15, 2018

Credit Endangered Wolf Center

A student organization on campus has been formed to help in conservation efforts of the American red wolf.  The red wolf is an endangered species.  Arkansas State University and the organization called Red Wolves for Red Wolves is working with state and federal officials across the country in research and outreach efforts to preserve red wolves.  The organization has previously worked at the Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis, and also participated in a recent conference at the Arkansas State University System Office in Little Rock.  The conference was called the Red Wolves Species Survival Plan.  Some of the Red Wolves for Red Wolves students were on hand, and you will be listening to the some of the interviews in future shows of A-State Connections.  Today we feature Arkansas State University student Elizabeth Etzkorn.  Etzkorn is the Executive Director of Red Wolves for Red Wolves.  She tells how she got involved in the organization.   Click on the Listen button for the entire interview.