Welcome Center Opens on A-State Campus

Aug 21, 2018

New Welcome Center on A-State campus.
Credit Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

Officials with Arkansas State University and Centennial Bank were on hand for a grand opening of the newest building on campus, the new Welcome Center.  Arkansas State University Chancellor Dr. Kelly Damphousse says this new center will fill two needs at the University.

“We have not had a building on campus that had a bank in it, so this is important for students and those who work here, but also, this will be the starting point for those who want to take tours and visit our campus,” says Damphousse.

The Welcome Center is located on Aggie Road, which Damphousse says is a perfect location on campus.

“This campus is big and continues to grow, but this location is perfect,” says Damphousse.  “ It is located on our new entrance on Aggie Road and it will be staffed to help those who are looking for people or buildings on campus.”

The idea for a welcome center started about two years ago when officials with Arkansas State University contacted Centennial Bank about the partnership.  Previous donations from Centennial Bank led to the bank’s name on the football stadium and the founder of Centennial Bank’s name on the football field.   Johnny Allison is the founder of Centennial Bank.

“This partnership has been great,” says Allison.  “To see my bank blossom and Arkansas State blossom.  We get stronger and they get stronger and that is how it is supposed to work.”

The building is over three thousand square feet and has a bank branch, as well as a meeting area, removable walls, and space for events.