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Arkansas Government Developments: Investments in Health and Education

State Rep. DeAnn Vaught, R-Horatio, and State Sen. Reginald Murdock, D-Marianna, discuss state issues, the Helena water system, and the potential for Arkansas' lithium industry.

In the program, Representative Deanne Vought and Senator Reggie Murdoch discuss recent developments in Arkansas government. Governor Sarah Sanders committed $30 million to mental health and substance abuse programs, which both representatives see as a step in the right direction. Another $30 million has been allocated to improve the school for the deaf and the school for the blind and visually impaired. The representatives view this as an excellent first step. They also discussed the condition of the education facilities and initiatives for more funding. Other topics included the appointment of Lana McCaslin, former Loke County prosecutor, and Lindsay Wallace, the former chief of staff, to rectify controversies in the Department of Corrections.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

00:41 Discussion on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

02:48 Investment in Schools for the Deaf and Blind

04:57 Department of Corrections Controversy and New Appointments

06:27 Debate on Prison Bed Allocation

07:13 Closing Remarks

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