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Expanding Cancer Care in Arkansas: CARTI's Vision and Growth

CARTI CEO Adam Head describes new facilities in Little Rock and expansion plans in south Arkansas. (Roby Brock / YouTube)

In this episode of Talk Business and Politics, host Roby Brock delves into the rapid expansion and evolution of CARTI, a Little Rock-based comprehensive cancer service provider.

The conversation with CEO Adam Head highlights the opening of The Bridge, a new facility funded by the CARTI Foundation aiming to centralize various support services for cancer patients and their families in one location. Adam discusses the importance of accessible, comprehensive care, detailing how The Bridge serves as a hub for educational resources, clinical trials, support groups, dietary guidance, physical therapy, and more.

Furthermore, the episode explores CARTI's significant impact in South Arkansas, particularly in El Dorado, where a medical oncology clinic has transformed into a comprehensive cancer center, thanks to a combined investment and funding approach, including ARPA funds and support from state leaders.

Adam also outlines future growth plans, focusing on enhancing existing centers and expanding services to meet patient needs across the state.

00:32 Exploring CARTI's Growth and The Bridge Facility

01:05 A Deep Dive into The Bridge's Comprehensive Cancer Services

04:06 Expansion and Impact: CARTI's Reach in Arkansas

05:42 Future Directions and Expansion Plans for CARTI

06:59 Closing Remarks and Additional Resources

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Roby Brock is the Editor-in-Chief and Host of Talk Business & Politics.
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