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Exploring the Republican Surge in Arkansas with Dr. John Davis

Dr. John C. Davis, executive director of the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History, discusses his new book, "Blue to Red," which chronicles the rise of the Republican Party in Arkansas over the last decade. (Roby Brock / YouTube)

In this episode of Talk Business and Politics, Roby Brock sits down with Dr. John Davis, head of the Pryor Center for Oral and Visual History, to discuss his new book "Blue to Red", which examines the shift towards republicanism in Arkansas over the last 15 years.

Davis shares insights into the historical context of Arkansas' political landscape, from being a one-party Democrat state to transitioning into a solid Republican state. Through interviews with key political figures, journalists, and activists, the episode delves into the causes of the Republican gains from 2010 to 2014, highlighting factors like demographic differences, nationalized politics, and effective Republican Party strategies.

00:24 Exploring the Rise of Republicanism in Arkansas with Dr. John Davis

00:35 The Inspiration Behind 'Blue to Red'

02:35 Analyzing the Republican Red Wave in Arkansas

04:23 The Catalysts for Political Shifts in Arkansas

06:06 Sustaining Republican Gains and Future Observations

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Roby Brock is the Editor-in-Chief and Host of Talk Business & Politics.
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