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Resolving Budget Disputes and Forecasting Tax Cuts

As chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, State Sen. Jonathan Dismang, R-Beebe, discusses the fiscal session and tax cuts. ( Roby Brock / YouTube )<br/>

In this episode of Talk Business and Politics, host Roby Brock is joined by State Senator Jonathan Dismang, co-chair of the Joint Budget Committee. They discuss the recent adjournment of the fiscal session without completing the Game and Fish Commission budget, due to disagreements over a proposed salary increase for the Game and Fish Commissioner.

Dismang outlines the negotiation process, the decision to adjourn without resolution, and the implications of this move, including the potential need for a special session to resolve the issue. Additionally, they touch on the state's financial status, including a forecast of significant tax cuts due to a strong revenue and surplus, and the impact of Arkansas's AAA bond rating on future borrowing.

00:26 In-Depth Interview with State Senator Jonathan Dismang

00:47 Budgetary Challenges and Legislative Dynamics

00:58 The Game and Fish Commission Budget Controversy

02:37 The Path to Resolving Legislative Stalemates

04:10 Anticipated Tax Cuts and Economic Forecasts

06:18 State's Financial Health and Bond Rating Achievement

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Roby Brock is the Editor-in-Chief and Host of Talk Business & Politics.
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