Arkansas State University-Newport

This is A-State Connections!  I'm Johnathan Reaves.    Dr. Sandra Massey is the Chancellor of ASU Newport.  She has been selected to serve on the American Association of Community Colleges Board of Directors.  The Association represents over one-thousand community colleges across the nation and is governed by a 32-member Board of Directors.  In this interview, I congratulated Massey on the honor and got an update on what was going on at ASU-Newport. Click on the Listen button to hear the entire interview.

Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

Meet Scott Calloway:

“I went to the University of Georgia.  I was a marketing major, and it's funny because as soon as I got out of school there was no job for me.”

Calloway’s story is similar to many students who graduated from a four-year-institution.  After graduating from high school, he went to a four-year institution to get his degree in marketing.  He said he felt like he had to go there in order to become successful out of peer pressure. 

Youngsters  will soon have the opportunity to tour a mobile workshop designed to encourage young people to seek careers in technical fields. 

The 18-wheeler is part of the “Be Pro, Be Proud” initiative launched last week by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, and other state economic agencies and businesses. 

The trailer features interactive displays and information on various careers including becoming an electrician or an H-VAC technician.