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Arkansas Department of Health

This statement comes from St. Bernard's Healthcare to the KASU newsroom. 

JONESBORO (March 30, 2020) –“The health of our patients, families and team members guides every decision we make at St. Bernards. Early this year, we recognized COVID-19’s pandemic qualities and began immediate preparations for the virus to reach our region.

St. Bernard’s Foundation is receiving personal protective equipment from area dentists and orthodontists to help in the fight against COVID-19.  President of the St. Bernards Foundation Kila Owens.

"The dental community in northeast Arkansas gathered together and donated gloves, masks, hand sanitizer...all of this is helpful for us as we prepare for more patients coming to St. Bernards in the COVID-19 outbreak."

Arkansas Department of Health

With the first 'presumptive' case of coronavirus in the state of Arkansas, local health officials continue to work on preparations in the event that COVID-19 comes to the region.  KASU will be talking to all of the hospitals in the region and learning their response to coronavirus.  In this interview, KASU News Director Johnathan Reaves talks with Dr. Kasey Holder.  Holder is the Vice President of Medical Affairs at St. Bernards Healthcare.  Click on the Listen button for the entire interview.  

Arkansas State University / Arkansas State University

This is the weekly segment called “A-State Connections and Create@State: Making Connections That Count”.  A recent announcement of an agreement between Arkansas State University and St. Bernards Medical Center means faster care of those patients at St. Bernards.  The translational research lab is a project between Arkansas State’s Computer Science department and St. Bernards.  In this interview, KASU News Director Johnathan Reaves talked with Dr. Mitch Hervert, a second year resident in internal medicine at St.

Emily Devereux

A translational research lab has been established with the joint efforts of Arkansas State University and St. Bernards Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.  Telling us about the project is founder and director of the Translational Research Lab, Dr. Xiuzhen Huang and Dr. Sara Nehring of St. Bernards Medical Center, co-director.  In this interview, I asked Dr. Huang about this lab and how the researched started for this.  Click on the Listen button for the entire interview.

Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

A partnership is formed to bring job opportunities to young adults with disabilities in northeast Arkansas.  St. Bernards Medical Center is working with Little Rock-based ACCESS and Arkansas Rehabilitative Services.  Educators from area schools are being trained on the program, which is called Project SEARCH.  Vice President of Human Resources at St. Bernards Lori Smith says the project will bring job training and employment assistance for those with disabilities.