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About Underwriting

When your business or non-profit entity makes a contribution to KASU in order to help us pay for programming, you become an underwriter. We then make announcements on the air in which we recognize your support.

These brief, affordable messages can inform KASU’s listeners of the products and services your business provides.

Your business can be mentioned during specific shows or throughout the day on KASU for as little as $150 per month!

*See Underwriting Rates attached below

Remember, the money spent informing the KASU audience of your services is tax-deductible. Because KASU is a not-for-profit organization, the IRS recognizes your underwriting as a donation to a charitable entity.

Here is a look at how much coverage KASU provides.  As you can see, we reach Northeast Arkansas, the Missouri Bootheel, and West Tennessee.
Credit KASU
Here is a look at how much coverage KASU provides. As you can see, we reach Northeast Arkansas, the Missouri Bootheel, and West Tennessee.

  Simple, Positive On-Air Promotion...

Your company will be identified by name along with brief factual information and contact info. If your company has a commonly used slogan, it can also be included if desired.

Public radio underwriting credits are not intended to sound like commercials. This style of presentation is a refreshing change from other on-air media. Our announcers don’t scream or make exaggerated claims.

...In an Uncluttered Environment

KASU’s program breaks are thirty seconds at the shortest – ninety seconds at the longest. Our typical program break is sixty seconds. That’s compared to breaks of three minutes at the shortest, and sometimes five minutes or longer, in commercial media. That condition is known as advertising clutter.

When your announcement is heard in this uncluttered environment, the message stands out. It’s a very effective and efficient way to promote your business.

Other On-Air Appearances

If you wish, we welcome you and your staff as on-air pitchers or phone volunteers during one of our regularly scheduled on-air membership drives.

Invitations to Special Events

Throughout the year, KASU hosts special events of interest to underwriters and members including our Anchors Club, Correspondents Club, and Producers Roundtable. This includes concerts, celebrity receptions and meals.

Tax Deductible

Underwriting on KASU is a tax-deductible contribution.

KASU’s Audience Includes the People You Want to Reach! Research Shows the Public Radio Audience is:

Well-Educated: Almost 60% of our listeners have college degrees, compared to 27% of total U.S. adults.  Over 30% of public radio listeners have graduate or professional degrees.

Affluent: Over 70% of public radio listeners live in households with average incomes of over $50,000.  Over 60% have incomes over $75,000.

High Achieving: More than half of public radio listeners are employed in professional, technical, managerial or administrative positions.


For more information, please contact:

Doreen Selden- Corporate Relations Director