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Arkansas State to replace field turf, fix buildings damaged by flood

Arkansas State University

    Arkansas State University has conducted a full assessment of damage that was sustained after record flooding hit Jonesboro and much of Craighead County May 24th.  Between four to six inches of rain fell in a few hours, causing extensive damage to parts of the campus.  Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Arkansas State is Dr. Bill Smith.  Smith says the turf field at Centennial Bank Stadium will have to be replaced.

“Just as many public schools have had to replace basketball floors because of the extensive water, the field at the stadium became overwhelmed by the amount of water,” said Smith. “When the water went away, the field separated and there were loose areas.  It was declared as a total loss and we are getting new turf on the field.”

Smith says the cost to replace the field will be 850-thousand-dollars and contractors are expected to have the new turf on the field by August first.  He says the football field was not the only facility to sustain damage.

“There were about 30 buildings across campus that had minor leaks in them.  That is, of course, because there are so many flat roofs on many buildings and the water has nowhere to go.” 

He tells about the other building that took a huge hit from the storm.

“The Environmental and Safety building took quite a bit of damage as several inches of water damaged the bottom floor of that building.  This is located near the Turtle Creek Pass and that building will have a good deal of work needed to fully repair the damage.”

Bill Smith.  Work is taking place to repair those buildings on campus.