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Navigating Severe Weather: Tips from Craighead County's Emergency Management

During a conversation with Anthony Coy, the Director of the Office of Emergency Management in Craighead County, essential tips for preparing and acting during severe weather events were discussed.

Coy emphasized the importance of staying informed through modern meteorological technology and planning ahead by knowing safe spots, identifying critical items (like your phone), and considering footwear for potential evacuations at night.

He advised on what to do when severe weather hits, including staying put in a safe location if possible and the dangers of taking shelter under overpasses or stopping on the roadside in a vehicle. Additionally, Coy highlighted the availability and benefits of community safe rooms, particularly in schools, and provided post-storm safety tips, such as assessing personal and property safety, checking on neighbors, and avoiding roadways to allow access for first responders.

The full range of tips can be found on the Craighead County Office of Emergency Management website.

00:03 Expert Advice: Preparing for Severe Weather

00:18 The Importance of Staying Informed and Prepared

01:02 Critical Items and Safety Measures at Home

01:43 What to Do When Severe Weather Strikes

02:28 Safety Tips for Drivers During Severe Weather

04:07 The Dangers of Seeking Shelter Under Overpasses

04:48 Utilizing Tornado Safe Rooms Effectively

06:11 Post-Storm Safety and Community Support

07:12 Conclusion and Further Resources