JETS Reports Steady Ridership, but Low Revenues

Feb 11, 2016

Credit Jonesboro JETS

The Jonesboro Economic Transit System is seeing a steady number of bus riders, but is losing revenue. 

JETS Director Steve Ewart explained to committee members that last month’s revenue numbers were almost $1,500 less than one year ago. 

Last January, JETS brought in over $4,000.  Last month, JETS brought in $2,700.  Ewart blamed the revenue loss on the system’s fare collecting system.  He says regular glitches and malfunctions have made it hard to collect money for rides. 

In some cases, Ewart says rides have been given away because the system has failed.  To fix the problems, it would cost at least $100,000. 

Ewart says JETS is exploring options, but they are limited due to a tight budget.  Ewart says one reason the budget is tight is because JETS is looking at purchasing two new buses, and those purchases could be made as early as this year. 

Jonesboro JETS averages 355 riders a day.