VIDEO: Crawford Explains How Cuba Trade Embargo Effects Arkansas Agri-Business

Mar 25, 2016

Stock photo of the Cuba Flag
Credit Pixabay

  In preparation to his upcoming trip to Cuba, U.S. Representative Rick Crawford educated listeners on how the embargo affects Arkansas in his “Tune In” web series.

Crawford asks one simple question:  “who are we really punishing with the embargo?”

He said unlike other countries like China the embargo in Cuba has helped the Castro Regime make the case that America was the “bad guy"--a dynamic he says lawmakers are trying to change to improve relations with the country. 

Crawford also said Arkansas could greatly benefit from an agricultural trade deal with Cuba. 

He is spearheading a bill which will make it easier for Cuba to purchase agricultural products, such as rice, from Arkansas and end export restrictions.  

Crawford and several lawmakers are planning to visit Cuba in early April as a “fact finding mission” for his Cuba bill. 

You can watch this installment of his "Tune In" web series below: