A-State Announces Plans for Gov. Donation toward Johnny Cash's Home

Apr 5, 2016

A picture of Johnny Cash's Boyhood Home in Dyess. This is an A-State Heritage Site, opened to the public in August 2014.
Credit Michael Hibblen, KUAR Website (kuarpublicradio.org)

Arkansas State University has announced what they plan to do with Governor Asa Hutchinson’s donation towards Johnny Cash’s Boyhood Home. 

Hutchinson announced he was donating $100,000 from the general discretionary account towards the project in Dyess.  He made the announcement in March at a fundraiser held at the Governor’s Mansion. 

A-State said just over $20,000 was raised at the event in addition to the Governor’s donation.  Plans for the funds include moving and refurbishing existing colony structures, acquiring materials from original Dyess colony buildings for use in the reconstruction, and building a barn to be used as a space for special events. 

The university estimates the project will cost $500,000.  Work on the smaller structures will begin soon.  Barn construction depends on whether the university can raise additional funding.