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KASU Podcasts & KASU on NPR One


KASU 91.9 FM is your connection to local/regional music, news, arts, and view.  Podcasts & NPR One give you the power to connect to what matters to you on your own time while on the go.


A podcast is a digital audio file from the internet you can download to a PC or a mobile device via subscription.  NPR has a ton of shows that are on demand via podcast.  KASU also has features and shows that you can subscribe to in order to listen to them on your own time.

Subscribing to KASU Podcasts via mobile/portable device:

1.    Make sure you have a podcasting app downloaded on your device.  Apple users won’t have to worry about this step because you have iTunes.  Android users may need to download a 3rd party app.  A recommended app is the Podcast Republic app which is free.

2.    Visit KASU.org on your device’s internet browser.  Apple devices can use Safari.  Android may use Chrome or Firefox.

3.    Click on the Podcast Subscribe link.  The link is available in the main menu (as “Subscribe”) as well as a graphic towards the bottom of the page.

This is the graphic you can look for to subscribe to our podcasts.

4.    Tap the “Use Another Player” link next to the show you want to subscribe to.  If that link doesn’t work, then tap the “Use iTunes” link.

5.    Follow the prompts on your device to complete the subscription (i.e. accepting the link).

6.    You’re done!  You can stream the episodes while you’re connected to WiFi.  Download them while you’re connected to WiFi to listen to them anytime you want.

Troubleshooting advice to come later.  Questions can be emailed to Brandon at btabor@astate.edu.


Credit NPR Digital Services
NPR One App logo

  What is NPR One??  It’s the latest app from National Public Radio that allows you to listen to your favorite content anytime.  The difference? NPR One is tailored to your personal tastes.  Think of it as “Pandora” for news.  It’s like creating your personal NPR station.  You choose what stories & shows interest you and the app will deliver similar content to you.  KASU stories you may’ve heard on Morning Edition, Here & Now, or All Things Considered can be heard again through this app.

Downloading & Working NPR One

1.    Go to your app store on your device and search for “NPR One.”  It’s in the iTunes store for Apple and the Google Play Store for Android.

2.    Download NPR One.

3.    When the app finishes downloading, find the app on your device and open it.

4.    When you first open the app, it will ask if you want it to find the nearest station or if you want to locate one.  You can type in the field “72401” or our call letters “KASU” to find us.

5.    Press play and listen to the stories.  If you find a story interesting, tap the “interesting” light bulb.  The app will find similar stories/programs that interest you based on your selection.

6.    KASU is pushing content to NPR One and it may take a little time before you hear it, but trust us!  Keep listening.  When you hear it, do us a favor as tap “interesting” to hear more from us!

Troubleshooting advice to come later.  Questions can be emailed to Brandon at btabor@astate.edu.