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Jonesboro E911 Director gives Home Fire Safety Tips


As temperatures drop this winter, residents in Jonesboro prepare for freezing weather by turning on their heaters.  However, heating equipment is the leading cause of home fire deaths in the winter months. 

Jonesboro E911 Director Jeff Presley says as people work to get use to the cooler temperatures, they think of creative and dangerous ways to keep themselves warm.

"We see a lot of people trying to heat with electric heaters, kerosene heaters, or their oven which is a big no-no," Presley said.

Presley says 911 gets several calls in the county for house fires with most occurring while people are asleep.  He says most parish from smoke inhalation and that the smoke alarm will be really important to wake someone up and get them out of the home.

Jonesboro Fire Department will come out to a home to help install a smoke detector for free, according to Presley.  He also says the fire department will from time to time provide free smoke detectors for residents:

"If you keep up with the Jonesboro Fire Department Facebook, they do promotions through out the year," Presley explained.  "They will announce that on the City of Jonesboro website along with their Facebook accounts."

Presley says there are alarms that can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide.  He urges residents to be proactive in protecting their loved ones in case of a fire by developing a family escape plan and to practice it.  He also provided these 9 safety tips as well.

He also recommends testing smoke detectors monthly and to call 911 at the smell of smoke.  He says in case of a fire to call 911 from a safe distance and alert neighbors safely if the home or apartment will affect them.