Create@State Podcast Features Study Abroad Trip to Iceland

Mar 14, 2019

(l-r) Dale Hindman, Joshua Kruse, Kim Vickery, Ryan Raines,Tory DeWeese, Casen Courtney.
Credit Johnathan Reaves, KASU News

This is A-State Connections on KASU.  I’m Johnathan Reaves. This is the weekly segment called “A-State Connections and Create@State: Making Connections That Count”.  In this interview, I talked with Professor of Graphic Design at Arkansas State University Kim Vickery.  Vickery took several students on a graphic design study trip to Iceland.  It took place May 28 through June 15th of 2018.  Several students blogged about their experience.  Those students are Dale Hindman, Casen Courtney, Tory DeWeese, Josh Kruse, and Ryan Reins.  In this interview, Vickery tells how they were able to go on the trip.  Click on the Listen Button for the entire interview.  To see the blog and the stunning pictures that were taken, view it here.