'My Father Is In There': Anguish Builds In Puerto Rico Mountains Over Decimated Tombs

In the lush green mountain town of Lares, Puerto Rico, even the dead and buried were scarred by Hurricane Maria. The September 2017 storm dumped so much rain onto the town's only cemetery that it triggered a landslide. The flow of mud and water was so powerful that it damaged nearly 1,800 tombs — expelling caskets from their graves and sending some of them tumbling down a hillside. The damage was so extensive — and so horrifying — that health officials locked the cemetery gates. They haven't...

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission announcing the first 5 applicants to receive a cultivation facility license to grow medical marijuana.
Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission member to resign

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A member of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission says he plans to resign, leaving the five-member commission with two members to start the new year as the terms of two other commissioners are ending.

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A Royal Hue: 'Living Coral' Crowned Color Of The Year For 2019

Updated at 5:56 a.m. ET As December draws its darkest hours ever longer, inching moment by moment toward the shortest day of the year — in the northern hemisphere, at least — the Pantone Color Institute is striking a defiant tone. The global experts in hue have crowned "living coral" as their annual color of the year for 2019. You can also call it by its official Pantone code, 16-1546 — though admittedly that doesn't have quite the same ring to it. It would also miss the point, in a way,...

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Jonesboro, AR/Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Marion Berry discusses his impending retirement and current issues in Washington with KASU's Mark Smith.

Boston, MA – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas tellus diam, fermentum at egestas et, tristique sit amet eros. Donec ultrices, velit vitae tristique rutrum, dui dolor iaculis sem, gravida cursus eros neque sit amet nibh. Duis sed dolor dolor, id malesuada massa.

KASU's James Lepine talks to film historian Meir Z. Ribalow about his upcoming lecture.


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Women In Arkansas Media Speak Up With #MoreThanABabe

Meteorologist Natalie Walter with KARK and KLRT talks with KUARs Jacob Kauffman about #morethanababe. This Thursday women in Arkansas's media world launched the #morethanababe hashtag in response to a local radio show's Babe Bracket that ranks TV journalists based on looks. Governor Asa Hutchinson previously went on program and said "everybody enjoys it” but has since released a statement saying he was not defending the gimmick. Multiple women in the media have tweeted this morning objecting...

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